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Eating carbohydrates at night get you fat, myth or reality? Every time I deal with some people by subjects of nutritional plans of weight reduction, either by work or by simple talk, a phrase that appears in the diet plan that they are given is "after the snack you do not eat carbohydrates" or "after 9pm no rice is consumed" and thousands more things like that. Let's look for meaning according to "vague logic" and according to science Vague logic: you will think that because the carbohydrate is converted into glucose and the glucose is instant energy for the body that "if not used" is stored as glycogen and if the glycogen is full in all the deposits it is stored as fat And that's why they're forbidden to you at night, since you're not going to spend it on anything? You always hear thousands of different justifications without meaning so that you do not consume rice, noodles, cookies, carbohydrate foods, but yet, they give you the rice cakes and protein bars or "vergalife" powders. Science: The body is handled nutritionally speaking by an energy balance, when we increase it beyond what we spend (surplus) we gain weight, regardless of what we do, if we train strength and more, the body composition will be better, but if there is more energy, body weight increases. Otherwise, if there is a negative energy balance (deficit) we lose weight and what we do will determine how we go down. Mathematics / Thermodynamics: 2000 calorie consumption to lose weight. if we divide it into 4 meals of 500, it stays in 2000 (GREAT!, LOW), but if you consume at night, what would happen if you do according to the nutrtitionist guidelines that give those indications, do you get fat? Do you overcome thermodynamics? at night the body pauses everything, the pancreas shut downs and leaves? IT DOESN'T ! Everything stays the same if you meet your requirements to loose weight, regardless of what time you eat. The body does not understand myths, neither those things that are told out there taken as truth, understand about stimuli, calorie intake. Not those preposterous things that they tell you.

Conclusion: Eating carbohydrates at night DOES NOT get you fat.

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