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Part 2: Healthy food for breakfast ! Does it bring us any benefit to have breakfast with a good distribution of macronutrients? The truth is that it doesn't, it's just another meal, just more energy intake, period. . There may be a slight improvement in protein synthesis if the composition of macros is mostly protein, but it is not significant. But in the case that you want to have breakfast or you're use to, how would it be ideal? It would be great if it is composed mostly of protein and fat, keeping insulin stable and not generating a bit of exaggeration, which is what will give us a tiredness, "fatigue" and the need to wait for everything we want to do ''procrastination''. Eggs, cheese, whole milk products, any protein source, nuts, strawberries, foods with low glycemic index are great if you choose to have breakfast! . I am NOT recommending you not having breakfast or saying that it is bad or good, but it is one more meal, you can make it healthier and more efficient, but it will not bring you any benefit, the key is in the energy balance and where those calories are coming from. Period !

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